Unlocking Your Eye Shape: Finding the Perfect Lash Style

Unlocking Your Eye Shape: Finding the Perfect Lash Style

Your eyes are more than just windows to the soul; they're a canvas for expression and beauty. Whether you have almond-shaped eyes, round eyes, or hooded eyes, there's a perfect lash style waiting to accentuate your unique features. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of lashes and uncover the ideal styles for every eye shape. From enhancing the natural almond shape to creating balance for round eyes, we'll provide tailored recommendations along with eye shape descriptions to help you make informed choices. Remember, while this guide serves as a helpful starting point, beauty is about self-expression and individuality, so don't hesitate to let your creativity shine through! Let's embark on a journey to discover the perfect lash style for your eye shape, and let your eyes do the howling.


Almond Eyes: Almond-shaped eyes are characterized by their narrow appearance, slight pointedness at the ends, and wider center, with the iris slightly hidden by both upper and lower eyelids. If you have almond eyes, consider yourself fortunate as you can pull off almost any eyelash style. To accentuate the almond shape, we recommend lashes that are evenly distributed in volume and length along the band.

guide for almond eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: ClaraFayeLush
Magnetic: JoyLion 
Available in both: MollyEleanor

Monolid Magic: Monolid eyes are unique in that they lack a visible crease, with the skin covering the upper eyelid area. They typically have straighter natural lashes. For monolid eyes, fluttery lashes with crisscross layers are most flattering. Look for lashes with a curl and flare to open up the eyes. Avoid heavy lashes, as they can make your eyelids appear weighed down.

guide for monolid eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: ZazuRueAria
Magnetic: PantherLynxGlisten • Mila
Available in both: EvaBailey

Protruding Perfection: Protruding eyes sit further out of the eye socket and typically have a lower eyelid crease. Opt for a natural and romantic lash style to enhance protruding eyes without looking too heavy. This will create lightweight definition and softly accentuate the lash line. Both flared lashes and evenly distributed length along the band will suit this eye shape well.guide for protruding eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: KitRuth • Stella • Lexi
Magnetic: ArielMilaNani
Available in both: GisellePetite 
Suggested Collection: Short n' Sweet Collection

Round Eyes: Round eyes are characterized by their large size, with eye whites more visible, especially below the iris. The height and width of the eye are similar. To create balance, choose a wispy lash with more drama towards the outer corner. This will add length to your eyes and give them a slight cat-eye shape. Avoid big voluminous lashes, as they can make your eyes appear smaller and your eyelids heavier.

guide for round eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: HazelRosieEllie
Magnetic: Lynx • TigerVanessa
Available in both: JennyRemiEva


Upturned Elegance: Upturned eyes have outer corners that sit higher than the center of the pupils. They look most flattering with cat or fox-style lashes. Try lashes that flare at the outer corner and taper as they reach the inner corner. You can even experiment by cutting a lash in half and adding it to the outer corner for a more subtle look.

guide for upturned eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: AriaEllie • Hazel
Magnetic: BeautyAliceHarmony 
Available in both: Eva • Giselle

Downturned Delight: Downturned eyes have outer corners that sit below the center of the pupils. Choose lashes that flare out and elongate the eye shape. Opt for wispy and natural-looking lashes with more length on the upper outer corner. This will create the illusion of a lift to further balance your downturned eyes.

guide for downturned eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: JadeFaye • Daddy Long Lash
Magnetic: Lion • Panther
Available in both: Jenny


Close Set Chic: Close set eyes have a gap between them that is less than one eye width. Focus the drama on the outer corners of your eyes with lashes that have very short inner corners. Concentrate the volume and length on the outer corners to lengthen and lift the eyes outward, further balancing your features.

guide for close set eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: Ellie • Barbie • Daddy Long Lash
Magnetic: Alice • Coffee • Juliet
Available in both: Jenny • Giselle • Kiss


Small but Stunning: Small eyes shouldn't shy away from false lashes. They can give the illusion of bigger eyes if selected correctly. Opt for natural-looking and shorter lashes to accentuate the eyes without making them look heavy.

guide for small eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: BeBeIrisScar
Magnetic: ArielBelleErika • Aubrie
Available in both: Petite • Kiss • Giselle
Suggested Collection: Short n' Sweet Collection


Hooded Hues: Hooded eyes have a crease that is not visible when the eyes are open, with a prominent brow bone and extra skin above the crease of the eye. Choose lashes that create openness, with length in the center and tapering at both ends. Stick to shorter and more natural-looking lashes to avoid overwhelming your eyes.

guide for hooded eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: Zazu • Cora • Anna
Magnetic: Ariel • Nani • Belle
Available in both: Petite


Wide Set Wonder: Wide set eyes have a gap between them greater than one eye width. Opt for full-looking lashes with a decent length inner corner to create the illusion of closer eyes. Avoid flared out lashes, as they can emphasize the distance between your eyes.

guide for wide set eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: Caroline • MaddyGiaMichelle
Magnetic: CiaraDarlingLadySweetheart
Available in both: Pearl
Suggested Collection: Flyaway Collection


Deep Set Dreams: Deep set eyes sit deeper into the eye socket with a prominent brow bone. Choose lashes with extra length and a decent curl to make the eyes appear further forward. Long and wispy lashes will open your eyes and enhance their size.

guide for deep set eyes

Style Examples: 

Glue-on: TianaGiaStilesvilleColumbia
Magnetic: MoanaGeorginaArizona  • Joy
Available in both: Tokyo • Pearl
Suggested Collection: Flyaway Collection


While these recommendations serve as a helpful guide, feel free to explore and experiment with different lash styles. Beauty is about embracing what makes you unique, so let your eyes do the talking and express your individuality with confidence!

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