About Us

LoboLashes is an inclusive E-Commerce lash line store! ✨

Black-owned by our CEO, Lauren Lobo, LoboLashes is all about empowering our customers to be confident, beautiful, sexy, and luxurious with beautiful and quality lashes. 

LoboLashes takes pride in selecting high-end lashes, glamourous packaging, and having an extensive catalog of lashes because one style certainly does not fit all. 

From glue-on, magnetic, colored, DIY, 25mm, and natural lashes, LoboLashes wants to make sure every lash lover has something to represent their personality (or personalities!) at our store. 

LoboLashes is very customer driven and takes requests, suggestions, and critique from clientele to ensure that we have the lash style that everyone needs. 

Show the world the howl in your eyes with LoboLashes. 🐺

To read and learn more about LoboLashes and its brand story, check out this CanvasRebel interview article with the CEO, Lauren!

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