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From glue-on lashes, magnetic lashes without glue or eyeliner, DIY lashes, colored lashes, and special lashes, we have it. Fulfill all your lash needs with affordable, quality lashes.

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mink magnetic lashes

The Benefits of Our Magnetic Lashes

• Attaches on to your own eyelashes without glue or eyeliner

• Lightweight and comfortable on the eyes

PERFECT for filling in eyelash extensions until their next fill 

• Stays on through wind, tears, rollercoasters, jetskis, and water (Check out the reels on Insta!)

• One pair lasts approximately 1-3 months with proper care depending on the lash material

• Easy slip-off at night for removal

• Leaves no residue

• Band length is one size fits all

• Nickel-free

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When You Buy a Pair of LoboLashes, You're Paying For...

  • High quality and reliable 3D mink lashes. High quality lashes make a huge difference on your eyes compared to synthethic lashes.
  • The outstanding quality allow them to be reworn more times than you could with cheaper, synthethic lashes
  • Glamorous and durable lash packaging that add life and style to your vanity spaces
  • Confidence, luxury, and lashes that improve your overall aura!


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