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Welcome to LoboLashes.com, where we've mastered the art of lash magic! ✨
Elevate your gaze with our specially crafted magnetic lashes, designed with precise measurements for the utmost in comfort, durability, and an effortless hassle-free experience. 👁️🌟
But wait, there's more! For those who love the classic charm, we've got you covered with our exquisite glue-on, colored, and DIY options. Versatility meets elegance, and choice becomes your superpower at LoboLashes. 💪💋
New to the lash game and not sure what lash lifestyle is best for you? Check out this informational blog article!
Dive into a world of diversity with our catalog, catering to every unique personality. Whether you're all about drama, subtlety, or something in between, our lashes are here to reflect your individual style. Because confidence knows no limits, and neither do our lashes! Join us on this journey of self-expression and let your eyes do the howling!

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The Benefits of Our Magnetic Lashes

• Individually tailored and handcrafted magnetic eyelashes for an enhanced lash wearing experience

• Attaches on to your own eyelashes without glue or eyeliner

( Magnetic eyeliner can be used but it is not required with your LoboLashes pair)

• Lash anchors allow the lash to be lightweight and comfortable on the eyes

• Lash band comes pre-cut at 26mm so one size fits all, if not, most (Currently working on some longer lash band styles!)

(Inquire more about the customized band length on the FAQs page)

PERFECT for filling in eyelash extensions until their next fill since LoboLashes magnetic lashes leave no residue

• Great for those who prefer not to wear eyeliner with their magnetic lashes

• Great for those "no makeup, just lashes and lipgloss" days since you don't need to apply any glue or eyeliner to your eyes

• Stays on through wind, tears, rollercoasters, jetskis, and waterslides (Check out the reels on Insta and TikTok!)

• One pair lasts approximately 1-3 months with proper care depending on the lash material

• Easy slip-off at night for removal

• Leaves no residue

• Nickel-free

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When You Buy a Pair of LoboLashes, You're Paying For...

  • High quality and reliable faux mink and mink lashes. High quality lashes make a huge difference on your eyes compared to cheap, synthetic lashes.
  • Glamorous and durable lash packaging that add life and style to your vanity space!
  • The outstanding quality allow them to be reworn more times than you could with cheaper, synthetic lashes
  • Confidence, luxury, and lashes that improve your overall aura!

What type of lash are you looking for? Browse the collection that howls to you!

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