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Come join the LoboLashes Magnetic Lash Phenomenon!

Our specially customized mink and faux mink magnetic eyelashes are individually handcrafted to provide you with the most comfortable, convenient, and stunning lash experience yet. While these lashes can be applied with magnetic eyeliner, they do not require it. Apply these lashes with lash anchors that magnetize to the magnets on the strip lash. Click here for the magnetic lash tutorial page to get more familiar with them! The lash anchor method provides unbelievable durability being water-resistant, wind-resistant, and lift-resistant. 

Very low cleaning maintenance and ideal for those who wear lashes everyday, especially if you have sensitive eye areas. LoboLashes magnetic lashes last 2-3 months for mink material and 1-2 months for faux mink material with everyday use.

All lash styles come in luxurious branded LoboLashes packaging.

Fear you will have trouble applying the magnetic lashes?

We've got help for you! Check out this blog article for a checklist of application steps and techniques with visuals, tutorials, and previous coaching lessons!

If you feel like you need more personalized guidance, book a 1-on-1 'Mag Me Up!' Coaching Session via Zoom with our lash artist to master your magnetic lash application!

Magnetic Lashes
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