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Here are "LoboLashes Lessons" to learn more about our lashes. Watching these first may answer any questions you may have. 

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What material are LoboLashes?

LoboLashes offers either mink or faux mink lashes. If you have a preference, you can filter the product catalog by either typing “faux mink” or “mink” into the search bar in the top right corner.

How long does one pair of LoboLashes last?

For those who wear lashes everyday, magnetic lashes can last you up to 2-4 months with proper care. Regular mink glue-on lashes last you approximately 2 months as well; they just require more cleaning maintenance for the best results.

Are these the magnetic lashes with the eyeliner?

Although these magnetic lashes can work with the magnetic eyeliner, LoboLashes magnetic lashes do not require the eyeliner or any adhesives. Every pair of our magnetic lashes have lash anchors included in the case that will allow you to apply these magnetic lashes without any eyeliner.

How do these magnetic lashes work? 

These magnetic lashes have a regular lash strip that go on top of your natural lashes and 3 magnetic lash anchors that you apply from underneath your lashes. The magnets clip onto your natural lashes. A thin coat of mascara is strongly recommended to coat your eyelashes to keep them free from any tension.

A visual tutorial is available under our Tutorials & How To page. Additional tutorials can be found on the business Instagram in the highlights titled “🧲 Tutorials” or on our TikTok; username for both is @LoboLashes.

Do I have to cut to customize the magnetic lashes?

The default lash band length for all LoboLashes magnetic lashes is 25mm with the exception of lash style "Amor" (30mm).

With a shorter lash band, all magnetic lashes come pre-cut which allows them to be one size fits most. 

There has only been one case where a customer told me that her eyes were smaller than the lash strip. In this case, the lash strip can be cut after the 2nd magnet and application can be done with 2 lash anchors instead of the 3. 

Because of the pre-cut lash band of my magnetic lashes, if your eyes are larger than the lash strip, place the lash strip towards the outer edge of your eye and have the lash seamlessly blend into your natural lashes.

Why is your lash band for the magnetic lashes already customized at 25mm?

I customize the lash band lengths to be at a default of 25mm because I believe it provides a lot of benefits. First, it takes away stress from the customer of having to cut and customize the lashes on their own. It is not uncommon for me to see women failing to properly size the lashes to their eyes which leads to the lashes bothering them. Overestimating your lash band length may cause problems with the inner corner bugging you or having the outer edge of your lashes droop off your eye giving your eyes a "sleepy effect".

I understand there may be customers that would prefer a longer lash band length due to their eyes being bigger than average so I want to introduce the lash style, Amor.

I had Amor customized to be a 30mm lash band length as a test run for those who have bigger eyes and want a fuller look.

If this test run is successful, I will work to expand the options for lash band lengths for different styles. 

Do these magnetic lashes require a special type of mascara or tweezers?

Nope! Any mascara and tweezers you prefer to use are safe for applying LoboLashes magnetic lashes!

How well do these magnetic lashes stay on?

LoboLashes magnetic lashes have an incredible and durable hold! Having the magnets clip onto your natural lashes, with the added friction of the mascara, create a secure bond.

Witness the LoboLashes durability tests by clicking the links down below:

Rollercoaster Test 1 / Rollercoaster Test 2 / Rollercoaster Test 3

Jetski Test

Waterslide Test

Can you see the magnets once applied and how do they feel?

If applied correctly and close to the lash line, the magnets and lash anchors of our magnetic lashes will not be visible. They are also very lightweight and do not bother your eyes whatsoever.

They can be worn with contacts and will not affect them at all!

Do you sell extra magnetic lash anchors by themselves?

Yes! Extra anchors are listed under "Bag of Lash Anchors" in the catalog. Extra lash anchors can be used for any style of LoboLashes magnetic lashes.

Can you shower or sleep in these lashes?

Although you can fall asleep or shower in your lashes, it is recommended that if you can avoid doing either of these, you should. It is best to remove your lashes at night and place them back into their casing to preserve their shelf life for as long as possible. Sleeping or showering in these lashes make them more vulnerable to bending and flattening the hairs on the lashes. In this case, to revive the lashes you must wash, brush, blowdry, and curl them back into shape for the best physical results. 

How do you clean the lashes?

Cleaning instructions for both glue-on and magnetic lashes are explained and shown on the Tutorials & How To page. Please click the link to be directed to that page.

How often do you clean the lashes?

Depending on how frequently you wear your lashes, the time frame varies. Pay attention to your lashes and notice when you see them not looking as fabulous as they first did when you bought them.

Glue lashes should be cleaned whenever there's an excessive amount of glue clumped up on the lash band. Having glue clumped up on the lash band without frequent cleaning will not only cause the lashes to be harder to apply, but the appearance of your lashes will diminish and be tacky. Make sure that if you use glue, you get rid of the dirt as frequently as possible!

For LoboLashes magnetic lashes, since you are not using any glue or eyeliner to apply the lashes, less cleaning maintenance is required. The lashes will need maintenance if you have a considerable amount of eye makeup on the lash band or if the lashes are bent. 

For a ballpark time estimate, I have to restore my magnetic lashes every 2 months or so.

How do you take the magnetic lashes off?

You just gently slip the magnetic lashes off. Here is a video explaining the two ways you can slip the lashes off when you are done with them. 


@lobolashes Needed a tutorial on how to take my magnetic lashes off? Here you go ✨ #lobolashes #magneticlashes #lashbusiness ♬ original sound - LoboLashes, LLC


"I'm allergic to glue lashes, will magnetic lashes work for me?"

Yes! If you have glue allergies or are just really sensitive to traditional glue-on lashes, LoboLashes is a great alternative for you! Because of the no adhesive/no eyeliner method, LoboLashes are safe for your eyes and won't cause any irritations to the eyelids.

These lashes are not a good alternative to those who have irritations to mascara or to those who do not have any natural eyelashes on their eyelid. 

Shipping Questions

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Return Questions

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Any Other Questions?

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