Struggling with the LoboLashes Magnetic Lashes? Follow This Guide!

Struggling with the LoboLashes Magnetic Lashes? Follow This Guide!

Welcome to the enchanting world of LoboLashes, where we believe that a howling wink is worth a thousand words! If you've ever found yourself in a magnetic mishap while trying to apply our specially designed magnetic lashes, fear not – you're not alone! We're here to sprinkle a touch of magic and a dash of know-how, as we present to you our ultimate guideline checklist for the lash application. Think of it as your personal invitation to the Lash Lovers' School of Confidence. Get ready to wink, flirt, and bat those lashes like the true fierce wolf you are. Grab your wand (mascara wand, that is) and we're about to transform you into a magnetic lash maven!

1. Embrace the Minimal Mascara Magic

Begin your journey by embracing the power of minimal mascara. It's like the opening act of a spectacular show, ensuring your magnetic lashes hold the spotlight. By applying a touch of mascara, you're creating a stable base that lets the lash strip shine. It's a delicate balance – not too much, not too little – just enough to caress your natural lashes and safeguard them from any tension. This harmony ensures that your magnetic lashes remain steadfast and vibrant throughout their performance, weathering the rollercoasters and jet skis of life, yet also allowing you to easily remove them when the final curtain falls.

2. Breaking In: The Lash Waltz

Now, let's talk about breaking in those magnetic lashes. Think of it as a dance – a gentle U-shaped waltz that softens the stiffness of new lashes. Your goal? To mold them into a graceful curvature that follows the natural contours of your eyes. This union between lash strip and eye shape creates a seamless ballet, ensuring that every blink is an exquisite showcase of elegance. Remember, even lashes need a little rehearsal before their big performance!

3. Tweezers: Your Lash Symphony Baton

Tweezers, oh tweezers! Your trusty conductor's baton in this lash symphony. Those lash anchors might be small, but they hold the key to your magnetic masterpiece. With tweezers in hand, you become the maestro, orchestrating a flawless application. These tools make every maneuver effortless, especially if your nails happen to be on the longer side. They prevent the dreaded drop-and-search scenario that newcomers might face. Just remember, let your tweezers graze the lashes, not the magnets, for a seamless crescendo of magnetic perfection.

4. Elevate the Lid, Elevate Your Performance

A simple yet often overlooked step – pulling up your eyelid. This is the backstage pass to a flawless application. The magnets on the lash strip yearn for your gaze, and lifting your eyelid provides them the stage they deserve. Don't be shy; don't squint – lift your eyelid like a curtain to reveal the magic within. It's this move that turns beginners into virtuosos, as they discover the ease and precision that comes with a clear view of the scene.

5. A Gentle Tap for Perfection

Once the curtains are up and the anchors poised, a delicate tap ensures perfection. Gently coax the lash strip closer to your lash line, erasing any gaps or doubts. The result? A harmonious blend of magnetic and natural lashes, seamlessly coexisting in a ballet of beauty. This step eliminates any chance of lifts or shifts, giving your gaze a sense of cohesion that draws admirers in like moths to a flame.

6. Arms Open, Confidence Radiating

As the finale approaches, don't forget your stance – arms open, ready to embrace the world. It's a simple act, often neglected, that makes all the difference. With arms going up and over your head to pull your eyelid, you're not just applying lashes; you're claiming your confidence, announcing your readiness to take on the world. So, let your eyes howl, let your lashes flirt, and let your charm radiate. With LoboLashes as your guide, your gaze isn't just a glance – it's a standing ovation, a symphony of sophistication and playfulness that captivates hearts and sparks enchantment. Bravo, dear lash connoisseur – you've taken center stage!


In the delightful dance of beauty, you've now mastered the graceful choreography of applying your specially designed LoboLashes magnetic lashes. With a wink and a twirl, you've embraced the secrets: a flirtatious sweep of mascara, a dash of "lash-flexing" to make them your own, and the artful handling of tweezers to secure those lash anchors like a seasoned pro. Remember, pulling up your eyelid is your backstage pass to showtime, and the arms-open-outwards stance? Well, that's your grand finale pose, ready to take on the world with your magnetic charm. So, my beautiful WolfPack, go forth with confidence and let those eyes howl like there's a full moon out. With LoboLashes as your partner, your every gaze is a masterpiece and every blink, a standing ovation. Bravo!

 Here are some additional visual resources that can aid you in the process:

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