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Magnetic Lash Tutorials & How To's

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Watch my good friend, Jazmin, walk you through the magnetic lash application tutorial. She does an amazing job of talking you through the whole process!

This tutorial with my mom is a great tutorial filled with do's and dont's if you are struggling with the basic application tutorial. See how to hold your lash anchors and how to position your hands/arms during application. Hope this helps!

For more tutorials, guides, and visual demonstrations, check out our "Struggling with the LoboLashes Magnetic Lashes?" blog article here for more guidance!

Styles such as "Beautifull" and "Black Widow" have a different method of application than the rest of the magnetic lash styles. Here are basic tutorials on how to apply those 3 specific styles. This method will be discontinued once we sell out.

@lobolashes such an old video on how to fill in your lash extensions with my OLD magnetic lashes. if you are looking for a cheaper alternative on filling in lash extensions, this in for you! 🔥 #lobolashes #magneticlashes #minklashes ♬ original sound - LoboLashes, LLC

How To Take Magnetic Lashes Off

@lobolashes Needed a tutorial on how to take my magnetic lashes off? Here you go ✨ #lobolashes #magneticlashes #lashbusiness ♬ original sound - LoboLashes, LLC