Sleigh the Season: Festive Lash Styles for Every Personality! 🎄✨

Sleigh the Season: Festive Lash Styles for Every Personality! 🎄✨

Hey, LoboLashes WolfPack!

As the holiday season rolls in, it's time to turn up the glam and spread the festive cheer! 🌟✨ And what better way to do it than with the perfect lashes for your loved ones? Whether you're treating your sister, BFF, or that cousin who always rocks the best looks, we've got the lash styles that will make their spirits merry and bright.

1. The Social Butterfly 🦋

For the friend who's the life of the party and always knows where the hottest events are happening, we recommend lashes that steal the night with more density, wisp, and lengths inside of our "flirty" and "glam" categories. These stunners add just the right amount of drama and flair to elevate any festive ensemble.

Glue-on Styles: Beyoncé - Caroline - Cassie - Jade - Gia - Suze

Magnetic Styles: Juliet - Darling - Isabel - Moana 

2. The Minimalist Chic ✨

For your family member who embraces simplicity and effortless style, go for the lashes with light volumes at a "casual" length. With a subtle touch of volume and a natural finish, they'll bring a touch of elegance without stealing the spotlight from the Christmas tree.

Glue-on Styles: Hazel - Lexi - Stella - Babette- BeBe - Bailey - Lily (SALE) - Daddy Long Lash (SALE) 

Magnetic Styles: Tiger - Lynx - Coffee - Honey 

Available in Both Options: Giselle 

3. The Trendsetter 👗

Does your fashion-forward cousin always set the trend at family gatherings? Gift her lashes that follow the latest trends like anime style lashes – a perfect blend of sophistication and style. These lash styles will have her turning heads at every holiday soiree.

Glue-on Styles: Aria - Amber - Kelly - Laurie - Jaq - Rapunzel - Willow - Yasmin - Dubai

Magnetic Styles: New Zealand - Thailand - Panther

4. The Bold and Beautiful 💄

For the friend or teenage girl in your family who loves to make a statement with her makeup, opt for any styles within our Fly Away Collection. This collection is curated with the longest glam lash lengths up to 25mm. With intense volume and a hint of daring flair, these lashes are perfect for those unforgettable holiday and runway moments. Here are some examples of what's in the collection!



5. The Classic Beauty 🌹

For your mom or grandmother, who embodies timeless beauty and grace, choose lashes that are in our Short N' Sweet Collection. With a natural length that enhances her natural beauty, all of these lashes will be the perfect finishing touch to her festive look that bring a small sparkle to her eyes. Below are some examples of what's in the collection!


6. The Adventurous Spirit 🌈

Got a cousin with an adventurous, creative, and colorful soul? Surprise her with lashes in her favorite color that are in our Colored Lashes Collection, designed for those who love to explore and embrace life's vibrant moments through art on their eyes. We have super fun colors and styles that a creative can play with. Here are some of our favorites below!


7. The Elegant Maven 👑

For your sophisticated aunt who always exudes elegance, lashes that are thicker and darker for a bold effect are the way to go. They add a touch of regality to any holiday gathering and allow her to be the star of the show that she knows she is!

Glue-on Styles: Clara - Ellie - Sofia - Eleanor - Myla - Lush - Molly

Magnetic Styles: Jaguar - Lion - Harmony - Pearl

Pro Tip: Personalize with Accessories 🎀

Don't forget to add a touch of holiday magic with our accessories! From lash applicators to festive lash cases, make it a complete gift package that your loved ones will adore.

And guess what? We've got exciting new bundle offers:

  • Lash Love Bundle: 15% off
  • Extensions Essentials Bundle: 20% off
  • Diamond Deluxe Pack: 30% off

Plus, for those who love variety, enjoy Buy 3, Get 1 Free on All Strip Lashes or purchase an E-Gift Card for amounts $20 - $200. Ready to sleigh the season in style? Simply head to our website, choose the lashes that match your loved ones' personalities, and get ready for a Christmas filled with glam and joy!

Remember, the magic is in the lashes.

Happy holidays, lovelies! 🌲💖

Sparkle on,

Your Chief Glam Officer

LoboLashes 🌸💋✨

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